Greetings Quick Key Mobile User Community,
We are writing to make an apology, we made a few mistakes in our rush to update the app with a new and improved scanner. The mistakes are small, and as long as you follow our instructions you should be good to go. We thank you for your patience with our beta and for your steadfast support in helping us get the word out about our app. More people are using Quick Key than ever before and we are well on our way to our goal of 100k users by January first.
If you are having issues with the new scanner please check out this list, if after checking these things you are still having an issue, please send us a support ticket and we will get it straightened out for you right away.
1. “My Ticket Wont Scan At All” Please make sure you are using the right Quick Ticket, the one with the 4 digit student ID that is pictured above. We accidentally included the future 10 digit ID ticket in the mobile app, and you receive that incorrect ticket if you email yourself a Quick Ticket. The 10 digit Ticket is for customizable student IDs, but it is not yet ready for use. If you are using the 10 digit student ID ticket Quick Key will not scan it.
2. “I scan with my iPad all the time, but since the update it will no longer scan” Please move the iPad a bit closer when scanning than in the past. Make sure the green brackets are around the student name box and the answer boxes and it should scan fine.
3. “I added students on my device and they have student ID numbers above 4 , but on the 4 digit student ID ticket there is no place for numbers higher than 4?” Please create your students on the web and not on the device, we accidentally included the code in the app for customized 10 digit IDs. Here is a quick tutorial on adding students all at once on the Quick Key website, it is really much faster and easier than doing it on the device:
On a final note, we are a teacher founded company, and we are so grateful for all of your support and help. We deeply apologize for these hiccups and will have an update with the fixes as soon as possible.
With deep gratitude,
The Quick Key Team