Standards Based Grading

March 2018

How to Succeed with Response to Intervention in a Tiered Instruction Environment: a Case Study

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Before Becoming the Top Performer in its District, This School Had to Review How Data Was and Wasn’t Shared in PLC Teams. Lake Arthur High School had been doing Response to Intervention (RTI), PLC, and Tiered Instruction techniques ever since their new principal Amanda Fontenot joined the team a few years ago. The system was [...]

February 2017

Teaching students to mark high stakes tests properly and improve scores

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The Stakes are High Students who take standardized high stakes tests on paper can improve their scores significantly by being sure to mark their answers carefully and correctly. According to a study by researchers at Boston College, marking errors can have a meaningful impact on a student's grade. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on not only [...]

October 2016

New Feature: Individual Student Itemization Reports

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You asked and we listened!Now you can generate individual itemization reports for each student who took a Quick Key Quiz or Test. You asked for this because you wanted to be able to staple these individual reports to students' tests or email them their results reports. Now you can.Now I'm asking you to do some things: If you [...]