But my students have IDs longer than 4 digits!

Your students probably have school-issued IDs that are 8 digits in length, or maybe even more. Quick Key bubble sheets, on the other hand, only have 4-digit IDs. What is a teacher to do? Never fear!

Using External IDs in Quick Key:

External IDs are for connecting your student data from Quick Key to the wider world. In Quick Key, each Student record contains a place for both a Quick Key ID (4 digits) and an External ID (the school-issued ID).

When you upload your roster to Quick Key, make sure you include a column containing the school issued ID for each student. During the import process, map that column to the header called “External ID.”

Now, any time you need to load results into a school or district system, you can do it by mapping the External ID, not the Quick Key 4-digit ID.

PowerSchool and Google Classroom users have it even easier

If you use PowerSchool or Google Classroom to roster in Quick Key, all of this is done for you, automatically.

That’s it!

Easy. Let us know what questions you have, and we will be glad to answer them!