Sync your roster and make your first quiz in less than 10 minutes

1-1 data visualization

Instant in-class feedback

To help you improve student performance and personalize instruction.



Mobile grading app with free printable answer sheets.


Paper, 1-to-1, and Google Forms (NEW!)

Give quizzes on devices, laptops, in a Google Form, or scan papers with your mobile device


Easy and Fast

Get up and running in an instant. Works with your school’s grade book.

Android Quiz App

Turn your Android device
into a mobile scanner
and grade multiple-choice
quizzes instantly, anywhere

A mobile quiz app for Android that works anywhere, with or without the Internet, for instant feedback in your classroom. And when you use your mobile device and Quick Key’s Web portal together, you get even more power: advanced quiz and test authoring, advanced reporting with point weighting, standards tracking, open response grading, and easy rostering with our Roster Wizard and Google Classroom Sync.

Upgrade to Pro and get even more free printable answer sheets, unlimited quizzes, and access to Quick Key 1-to-1, the online quiz app platform with automatic kiosk mode (no surfing the Web while taking a test!).


Effortless information

Get ready for PARCC, SAT, ACT, state tests, and benchmark exams with Quick Key’s 10- 30-  60- and 100-question answer forms. Print them for free with your students’ names and ID numbers already on them, hand them out, and you’re good to go. Automatically send results to your PowerTeacher grade book or other school LMS or SIS system with Excel and .CSV exports. You can assign standards codes to every quiz, and keep track of your students’ performance over time.

Find out why 300 teachers backed the Quick Key project on Kickstarter®

Quick Key was a grassroots effort from the start. Created by a 15-year veteran of the classroom, and backed by hundreds of real-life teachers who saw the time-savings and student achievement goals they could reach with Quick Key.

Grade 100 tests in 10 minutes

With our mobile quiz app. The time savings and student feedback you need to inspire your students to greatness, and make sure every student stays on track: that’s what Quick Key’s quiz app for Android gives you.  With our free multiple choice bubble sheets you can scan and score 6,000 student responses in less than 10 minutes. How’s that for fast? And getting those results into your school’s grade-book takes just a few clicks.

Instant reports on your device

So you can see immediately which students struggled, and what material you need to re-teach to the whole class. Advanced teachers use Quick Key for rapid classroom feedback on a daily basis. And with the Quick Key Mobile grading app for Android, you can save time whether you do daily exit tickets, or just want to fly through grading a 60-question multiple-choice test.


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What Do Teachers Think?

Sarah Thomas

Co-Founder EDU Match and Instructor/Technology Liaison Prince Georges County Public Schools

“Quick Key is amazing… it makes grading a snap! We are using it in our PARCC bootcamp, and the quick feedback really motivates the studentsl.”

Devan Tate

Mathematics Teacher
Wheeler High School, Wheeler, MS

“One of the most important staples in the math classroom is constant, immediate feedback. It allows students the opportunity to grow in their understanding.
QuickKey has made it possible to provide this feedback in the most efficient manner.”

Greg Born

Haines Middle School
Physical Education Instructor

“Quick Key saves me time grading and allows me to give immediate feedback to my students. It’s especially meaningful because it allows students to correct and understand their mistakes while the material is fresh.”

Ready to grade papers
with your Android phone or tablet?

Tap the app. Scan the stack. Take the joy of teaching back!
All you need is your Android mobile device and Quick Key’s free printable answer sheets.


Quick Key is COPPA and FERPA compliant with a written privacy commitment forbidding student data sharing with 3rd parties. All Quick Key servers and mobile device APIs are SSL Platinum secure.


Quick Key’s quiz app for Android is by far the least costly way to give your teachers the power of digital assessment. Bulk Quick Key licenses are inexpensive for Pro SITE customers, and no additional devices or hardware are required.


Quick Key has a reputation for being the most available, nicest, and most helpful people in the business! If you have been frustrated with the level or quality of support you have received from other assessment providers, give us a try and see how well we treat you and your faculty. Caring for our customers is our #1 company value!