Digital Quizzes with Quick Key

Quick Key does more than scan bubble sheets! Here’s how to give a quiz on your students’ mobile devices, Chromebook, or laptops.

How to Build a Digital Quiz or Test:

Building a quiz or test for taking online is different from building a simple answer key for a bubble sheet. You need to write your questions and answers, and upload reading passages and images, in order for your students to see them online. In Quick Key this is called an “Advanced Quiz.”

Here is a video on how to build an Advanced Quiz for online assessment:

Sending a digital quiz or test to your students:

Now that you have built your digital assessment, it is time to send your students the information they need to take it.
There are two ways to send a digital quiz to your students:

1. Does your roster NOT include student email addresses?

Scroll down to “Step by Step” for instructions on how to give a Quiz or Test online. Or Watch this Video:

2. Does your roster INCLUDE student emails?

Watch the How-to Video on using Magic Keys:

Step by Step:

  1. Make an Advanced Quiz. This will allow you to write answer choice text and add stimulus images and passages.

  2. After saving the Quiz, press “Distribute Quiz Digitally.”

  3. In the pop-up dialog, choose which Courses will take the Quiz by checking the box next to each Course.

  4. Choose to either “Send Magic Links” to your students if you have included student email addresses in your Roster, or copy the Quiz Code for each Course that will take the Quiz online.

  5. If you send Magic Links, you’re done! Your students will receive an email that will take them directly to the correct quiz on All they need to do it verify their 4-digit Quick Key ID

  6. if you use Quiz Codes instead of Magic Links:

  7. Give your students the Quiz Code for the Course they are in.

  8. Instruct students to go to or open the Quick Quiz Chromebook app, and enter their 4-digit Quick Key ID and the Quiz Code.

  9. All Quiz results will post to Quick Key online, and to the Quick Key Mobile app after your next sync.

Optional: Download the Chromebook App:

Remember: You don’t need a Chromebook or the Chromebook app. Your students can always access Quick Key 1-to-1 by navigating to

Chromebook users: You can also download the Quick Key 1-to-1 Chrome Plugin, which has an automatic Kiosk mode that prevents students from opening other tabs in the browser, here: