How do my students see their grades?

Giving your students rapid feedback is a great way to get them to take ownership of their own learning. We are always improving your ability to give students this kind of rapid feedback. As of August 2017, here are your options in Quick Key:

  1. Scan paper quizzes at the student’s desk, and show them their grade or question-by-question report immediately. Once you scan a quiz, click “Show Results” on the scanning screen, and select the student’s name to see their question-by-question analysis.

  2. Mirror your mobile device to your smartboard or TV, and show students the overall question-by-question scores for the whole class, using the Results and Reports mode on your mobile device.

  3. Print the Itemization Export (Excel) from your Web portal, removing the name columns (but not the Student ID number column(s) before printing the report and posting it on the wall.

  4. Print the Individual Student Itemization Report from your Web Portal and then hand out individual reports to each student. This report gives each student deep insight into how they performed on the material.

Based on your feedback, we have also planned to add a feature to email the itemization report to students, and to show students their report immediately upon completing a digital quiz using QK121 (our mobile device and Chromebook quiz app).