How to add a stimulus image

You can add a “stimulus” image to your questions in Quick Key. The Stimulus is not the question itself (i.e. the “Question Stem”) but rather an image to which the question refers. For example, you might use a Stimulus image of a cell for a question that asks “what part of the cell is shown in the picture?”

This article shows you how to add a stimulus image to your question.

Step 1: Open a new question form by pressing “new question” in the Advanced Quiz Builder.

Step 2: Click on the “Add Stimulus image or text” button

Step 3: Choose “Upload File” and Name your stimulus image

Step 4: Upload your image by pressing the green “upload file” button

Step 5: Choose the size of the image. We recommend choosing “Original Size” and then adjusting the size later using the quiz printing options, later.

Step 6: Click “Save and Close”

You should now see your image stimulus in a preview, inside the New Question authoring form.

That’s it! You’re done.
You can now finish building your question.

When you are finished building your quiz, click on each question in the right-side quiz question list to choose print options for your image stimulus.