How to use Student IDs while Scanning

Quick Key relies on a 4-digit Student ID number to identify bubble sheets and make sure each bubble sheet is matched with the student who filled it out. When you add your student roster to Quick Key, each student is given a 4-digit ID. We strongly suggest you use a student Roster with Quick Key.

You don’t have to use a roster to scan and score bubble sheets (but you will need a roster to use Quick Key’s digital quiz tool and our Google Forms Grader).

Choose which scanning mode to use:

Scan With Student IDs or Without Student IDs.
We strongly recommend you use Student IDs when scanning. If you don’t use Student IDs, then you can not save any scanned results, and none of your results will be associated with any of your students. You will simply get a score report on your screen, and then that result will disappear when you do your next scan.

If you tell the scanner you want to use Student IDs, then you must have a roster of students in Quick Key, and you must have the ID bubbled on each bubble sheet. You can make sure all of your Student ID issues are solved by printing pre-slugged bubble sheets.

Do not Use Student IDs

If you choose to not use Student IDs when scanning, you will receive a warning before you start scanning. The warning tells you that none of your results will be saved. You will also not be able to see an itemization report of which answers each student chose.

That’s it! Please let us know if you have any questions.