Intro to Open Response on Quick Key

You can build quizzes with Open Response questions and use them quizzes across all of Quick Key’s quizzing tools, including

  • Mobile paper scanning

  • Online and on student Chromebooks

Getting Started with Open Response

How open response grading works in Quick Key: Rubrics

In Quick Key, Open Response questions are graded using a rubric you define. This rubric gives you 5 possible point values to award to each question.

Making and grading Open Response Questions on your phone

When you make a quiz on your phone, you can add an open response question by clicking on the question type. By default this says “Multiple Choice.” Click on this and you can change it to “Open Response.” You will then be asked to fill in point values for the rubric. Each point value is associated with a letter A,B,C,D, or E. After you assign these point values, click “save.”

Making Open Response questions on the Web App

  1. You can make an Open Response question in the Advanced Quiz Builder. Simply choose “Open Response” from the question type chooser, and then choose how many points to assign to the question.

  2. You will always be asked to assign a point value to each letter ABCDE. This is because Quick Key wants you to have the option to grade Open Response questions using a Bubble Sheet. HOWEVER YOU DO NOT NEED TO GRADE THEM WITH A BUBBLE SHEET. YOU JUST NEED TO ASSIGN POINT VALUES USING THE LETTER SYSTEM.

Grading Open Response Questions

On your mobile device

  1. Grading Open Response with your mobile device: when you start scanning, you will be asked whether you want to grade the OR questions in your quiz by scanning the bubble sheet (which you would do if you have marked bubbles for those questions, indicating the score you want to give for that question), or if you want to grade the OR questions manually.

  2. If you choose “Manual” then the scanner will not look for marks in the Open Response question rows. Instead, you will go back later and grade all of the open response questions from the “Results” screen on your mobile, or in your portal at

  3. If you choose “Using Bubble Sheet” then you should mark each bubble row with the letter corresponding to the points you want to give for that response. For example, if you chose that “A” will be worth 5 points, and “B” will be worth 3 points, and you want to give 3 points to a student for that question, you would mark “B” on the bubble sheet before scanning it.

  4. You can always grade OR questions later from the Web portal after you sync your results to the Web Portal.