Introduction to QK X-Change Community

Thank you for participating in the new QK X-Change BETA test. Our goal with X-Change is to create a free and open global community bank of validated question items on a range of topics. Your participation in beta testing the X-change is essential to building a platform that is useful, trusted, free, open, and widely used by educators all over the world.

What can you do with X-Change?

On X-Change you can:

  • Make question items and store them in a public bank

  • Import items you have already made in Quick Key and store them in a public bank

  • Have Quick Key import your quizzes for you from MS Word, Exam View, or PDF, and save them to the public bank

  • Make a Username so people know who contributed all these awesome questions

  • Browse questions that other people have made and shared, based on standard, subject, grade level, and more

  • Make quizzes from shares questions in the bank – either yours or questions that other people have contributed.

  • Send your new quizzes to Quick Key.

What does it mean to participate in X-Change?

X-Change is a free and open platform for banking and sharing your question items. the idea is to create a community so that together we can create a large bank of question items that are aligned to curriculum, standards, subjects, levels, and geography (among other things), and validated through the power of the crowd.

What does it mean to be an X-Change BETA Tester?

BETA testers of X-Change will be some of its first users. There isn’t a ton of content in X-Change right now (as of March 21, 2018) but we hope to change that by adding user-generated and open-source content from a number of places. As a BETA tester, you will use X-Change and then give feedback on how it works – and how it could be made better – directly to Quick Key CEO Isaac Van Wesep.

We also hope you will see fit to contribute some content to X-Change, to share with the community. We will make it as easy as possible for you to do this.

Thank you for taking part!