Math Questions Using Gridded Response

Creating Questions for Gridded Response Bubble Sheets: The “Exact Match” Question Type:

Quick Key offers multiple-choice and short answer question types. Now we also offer a new question type: Exact Match.

Exact Match questions are something like Open Response questions, except that with Exact Match you provide the correct answer in an answer key, in the form of a short word, phrase, or numerical answer that has to be matched exactly by the student. This gives you the advantage of allowing Quick Key to automatically grade student responses. It also allows you to use our new Gridded Response bubble sheet to give Exact Match quizzes. This is especially useful for math teachers.

Examples of Exact Match

Let’s look at some examples:

Q: What is the capital of California?
A: Sacramento

Q: what is 3/4 times 1/4 ?
A: 3/16

Multiple Correct / Partial Credit Answers with Exact Match

As you can imagine sometimes students make spelling mistakes or other typographical errors and you don’t necessarily want to give them a zero for the question because of it. Quick key allows for this by letting you create more than one answer choice for an exact match question. To do this, you:

  1. First create the best correct answer, and assign to it the maximum number of points available for that question.

  2. Next, enter in the 2nd best answer to the question, and assign the number of points you would like to give to students give that 2nd best answer.

  3. You can provide up to 5 answers in total. Students must match one of these 5 answers exactly in order to score points for the question.

Tutorial: Building Exact Match Questions & Quizzes

At this time, Exact Match questions can only be built in your web portal at

You can see Exact Match questions, scan them using the Gridded Response Bubble Sheet, and manually enter answers for them, on your mobile app.

Go to Tutorial

Important things to remember about scanning Exact Match:

It is important to remember that if you want to use paper with Exact Match questions then the quiz you create must contain only Exact Match questions, and be a maximum of five questions in length. This will allow you to use the Gridded Response bubble sheet as your response form. Our regular multiple-choice bubble sheets do not allow for responding to exact match questions.

Math Expression Response Questions in Digital Assessments: QK-121

If, on the other hand, you are going to give your quiz using QK-121, then you can mix Exact Match questions with multiple-choice, multi answer, and open response questions any way you wish. The Exact Match questions will be graded instantly and automatically. You will still need to manually grade any open response questions.


Here is what the authoring environment looks like for Exact Match:

The Question Builder with Question Type Chooser (Top Left, under “Add Question” Button)

Question text, Stimulus Image, Caption, Tags, and Question Type Chooser

Adding alternative answers (click “Add Answer”)