Scanning Trouble-Shooting FAQ

Scanning with Quick Key is really, really easy. But sometimes a simple oversight turns a simple process into “I just can’t scan!”

Here are some common pitfalls and how to avoid them:

Incorrect Student ID.
Sometimes your students don’t put in the right student ID, and sometimes teachers new to Quick Key distribute the External ID instead of the Quick Key Student ID to their students. To eliminate both of these common errors, use the “Pre Slugged Bubble Sheets” feature to print your bubble sheets with Student Name and ID already printed on them. Here is how to print pre-slugged bubble sheets (click here).

NO Student ID.
If your sheets simply aren’t scanning, please check to make sure the Student ID section of the bubble sheet is filled in with all four ID columns having a bubble. Quick Key’s scanner has two modes “Use Student IDs” and “No Student IDs.” Learn about how to use the two Student ID modes here.

Reflected light. Solution: Don’t scan with bright lights overhead. Less light is usually better. If the marks don’t look black on your screen, the scanner probably can’t see them.

Too Close. Solution: make sure you can see the ENTIRE bubble sheet on your screen. The scanner needs to see the big box around the bubble sheet.

See how to do it by watching this video.
Done everything right and still can’t scan? Watch this video.