Teach For America: Giving Anonymous Surveys Online

This article is for Teach For America Corps Members only, using Student Surveys.

If you want to give an anonymous survey using Quick Key’s online or Chromebook quizzing tool, there is one important thing to know: every respondent will need a student ID, even if they are anonymous.

In order to manage this, you will need to give each of your students or respondents a unique 4-digit Quick Key ID. This is not difficult, but it is necessary.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the Anonymous Student IDs list from the TFA Helpdesk page: https://validatedlearning.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Anonymous-Student-ID-List.xlsx

  2. Sign in to the online dashboard at www.quickkeyapp.com

  3. Click “Quizzes” and find the survey you want to give.

  4. Click “Give Quiz” and then “Distribute Quiz Digitally.”

  5. Find the Quiz Code for the Course you want to give the Survey in, and write this code on the board

  6. Give each student a Quick Key ID from the Anonymous Student ID list.

  7. Tell your students to go to student.quickkeyapp.com on their device

  8. Tell your students to type in their ID and the Quiz code into the fields on student.quickkeyapp.com

  9. Instruct the students to answer the questions and when they are finished click “submit quiz.”

  10. And you’re done!