Tutorial: Making and Using Match Answer Questions

Scroll down to see a tutorial on Match Answer Questions.

What is “Exact Match” and what is it for?

We have received a number of requests from math teachers to provide a way for students to respond to a question with a mathematical expression. We listened, and now I’m proud to announce that we have a new question type called “exact match” and a new bubble sheet that allows students to grade in a numerical response on paper.

Use The “Match Answer” Question type for numerical or text responses, on paper or online

For those of you who prefer to give digital quizzes on chrome books or student mobile devices, the exact match question type can also be used with QK-121.

Using Match Answer on Paper: the Gridded Bubble Sheet

Below is a picture of the gridded response bubble sheet. As you can see it offers a chance to do a quick five-question quiz using gridded responses. Like our other bubble sheets it’s used with the four-digit Quick Key student ID number. You can have your students either bubble in their ID themselves, or you can print pre-slugged bubble sheets from our bubble sheet printer at www.quickkeyapp.com.

Important: The Gridded Bubble Sheet can only be used with Gridded-Only Quizzes.

Unlike QK121 which allows you to give a quiz with many different question types including the new Exact Match question type, if you’re going to give a quiz using the gridded response bubble sheet, that quiz can only have up to five questions and all of them have to be either Exact Match questions that use the grid, or open response questions that don’t use a bubble sheet.

Also, if you do include it open response questions on one of these quizzes and you want to grade that quiz using the greeted response sheet, then when you start scanning you must choose to grade over responses manually because you cannot give a score for an open response question using the grated bubble sheets.

Tutorial on Using Exact Match / Gridded Responses

Important: “Match” means the student has to submit a response that matches one of your chosen correct answers, exactly. IT DOES NOT MEAN MATCHING ONE WORD OR OBJECT WITH ANOTHER ON THE SCREEN.

Here’s how to make a Match Question:
Create Match/Gridded questions just like you would create an open response question in Quick Key’s advanced Quiz Builder at www.quickkeyapp.com:

  1. New Quiz: Choose > New Quiz > Full (Advanced) Quiz > Add Question

  2. Select Question Type: Choose between Match: Numerical (which can be used with our new Gridded Response Bubble Sheet, or QK121) and Match: Text (which can only be used with QK121, our digital quiz app).

  3. Set correct answer choices: You can choose 1 best answer, or several possible answers.

  4. Set Point Values for each possible answer choice.

  5. Add a question stem, plus an image and caption (optional)

  6. Add standards tags if you want to track mastery.

  7. Save the question: click “save”

  8. Add the next Question: click “Add Question.”

  9. Click “Save and Next” at the bottom of the screen to save your quiz.

A preview of the Gridded Response Bubble Sheet you can use for numerical match questions on paper (or use our Chromebook / mobile quiz app QK 121 to give your quiz).