Why aren’t my Magic Links Working?

The Problem

You’ve made your quiz and now you want to send Magic Links to your students so they can take the quiz online or on their devices. But your students are telling you they aren’t receiving the link. What gives? In all likelihood, it’s your school’s email security getting in the way. Fortunately, there is an easy fix.

The Solution

There is a long-term fix and a short-term workaround to this problem. First, the permanent fix:

Grab your school admin and ask them to unblock www.quickkeyapp.com and all of its subdomains. This will allow all email from Quick Key to get to yours and your students’ inboxes. We don’t spam and we don’t share your email, and all student data is kept encrypted and private. So there isn’t anything to worry about.

Now, the workaround: Use the Quiz Codes provided when you press “Distribute Quiz” instead of the Magic Links. Your students will need to navigate to student.quickkeyapp.com and then type in the Quiz Code you give them in order to access the quiz. Otherwise everything works the same way.

And remember: you can chat with us any time to get more help!

The Quick Key Team