Title I School Funding

Quick Key is proud to support Title I schools in meeting their School Improvement Plan Goals.

Equity, Synergy, and Achievement

Last February, Quick Key was honored to participate in the National Title I Conference, hosted by the National Title I Association. This conference was held at the Long Beach Convention Center, in Long Beach, CA.

We relished the opportunity to discuss topics ranging from educational equity to the proper uses of Blooms Taxonomy when crafting assessments. Most importantly though, we listened.

Title I Schools

We heard the personal stories of schools that had turned their performance around and exceeded their SIP goals. We took pride in the fact that some cited our formative assessment solutions as a critical component of their success. And, we were humbled by the grit and diverse strategies that driven school leaders implemented in order to secure better outcomes for our nation’s children. The overwhelming sentiment was that all children can learn and succeed when provided the right tools and opportunities. We left the conference inspired, and looking forward to Philidelphia in 2018.

Title I Mission Alignment: School Improvement via Effective Programs


Quick Key’s mission is to make it possible for all students to access the benefits of frequent formative assessment by removing the need for expensive computer hardware or broadband access. Research has shown that when properly implemented and paired with meaningful feedback, formative assessment is effective. It leads to dramatic gains in student achievement irrespective of socio-economic status. 

The Title I Association is “…dedicated to improving and implementing the program so that more children reach their academic potential. The Association provides educational leaders at the state and local levels with the opportunity to work together to share ideas on effective and innovative programs, identify problems and solutions, and represent the needs of Title I families.