Blooms Taxonomy

March 2018

Blooms Taxonomy Guide for Multiple-Choice Questions and Question Stems in Formative Assessment

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How to use, measure, and track Bloom's Taxonomy in your Question Stems and Multiple Choice Questions According to Edglossary  "Blooms Taxonomy is a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition—i.e., thinking, learning, and understanding." It's currently fashionable to bash multiple choice questions [...]

September 2017

Formative Assessment Tools and the Art of Teaching

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Formative Assessment Tools and the Science of Teaching There are two critical keys to exceptional teaching. The first, effective transmission of content and skills as measured by formative assessment (short and medium cycle) and summative assessment. This scientific approach to student mastery relies on rigorous measurement. It is the key to identifying what doesn't work and improving on what does. [...]

March 2017

How to tag Questions with Bloom’s Taxonomy in Quick Key

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It is easy to track student performance along a Bloom's Taxonomy axis using Quick Key. Quick Key's Advanced Quiz Builder isn't just for making rich question items, adding images, or making gridded response questions. It's also where you can tag your question with anything you want, from standards codes to Bloom's Taxonomy categories. Once you [...]