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March 2018

Measuring and Improving Student Engagement: An Education Leader’s Perspective

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Diana Tang Measuring and Improving Student Engagement: An Education Leader's Perspective Interview with Diana Tang by Isaac D. Van Wesep ________________ Diana Tang is on a mission to expand the way teachers assess and improve their connections with - and impact on - their students. As Senior Managing Director for Teacher Leadership Development at [...]

Thank you for being a friend: Checking for Understanding in the Tiered Reading Classroom

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Thank you for being a friend: Checking for Understanding in the Tiered Reading Classroom by Melody K. Gerard Let me tell you a story. Picture it. Sicily. 1922. Classes were 90 minutes long. Formative assessments were taken once every six weeks. Summative assessments were once a year. Test scores were always a surprise. If you [...]

January 2017

Top 5 characteristics of great classroom feedback

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Giving great classroom feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve student learning and overall performance. But all feedback is not created equal. In fact, bad feedback can be counterproductive to the same degree that great feedback can drive success. So what characteristics make great feedback great? The top 5 characteristics of great classroom feedback: [...]

Teacher Tip: 3 Tips For A Calm Classroom Environment

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Image courtesy of amaZEN U 3 Easy Tips for A Calmer ClassroomAs the new year gets underway, it is a good time to reflect and make a few adjustments/improvements to your classroom layout. They do not have to be dramatic! In fact, you may find that the more subtle the changes the more effective they are.One [...]

Teacher Tip: 3 Tips To Avoid Teacher Burnout

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"The truth is there is simply more work than there is time to do it, and some things are just beyond our control." -M. Connely 7th Grade Math, Atlanta GA In many instances, we as educators expect ourselves to be perfect because we understand the stakes for our students. Furthermore, we can lose sight of the [...]

March 2016

UK Teachers: Visit Sam McKavanagh's site for tools and resources

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Today we came across a great Website / Blog hosted by UK teacher Sam McKavanagh. The site is http://www.myteachinglife.co.uk and it offers articles and resources in a number of subject areas including technology for teachers, project based learning, and "other stuff."  You can also follow Sam on Twitter, where he is building a nice following of like-minded [...]