Writing a digital quiz in Quick Key may be easier than you think

Quick Key offers digital quizzes and tests for Web, student mobile devices, and Chromebook. And building a digital quiz may be easier than copy/pasting all your questions into a form when you use shared questions from the Question Xchange. 

What is Question Xchange? 

Question Xchange is a shared question community with more than 200,000 shared questions, that you can access through Quick Key’s Advanced Quiz Builder.

How do I use Question Xchange?

When you are building an Advanced Quiz for printing or sending to student devices for online assessment and remote learning, you can choose to either write a new question, or search the Xchange for a question somebody may have already written or shared. Once you find a question you like, you can use it, or make a new version of it that fits your needs perfectly.

How-to Video: