Teacher workload

Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

98% of UK teachers are under increasing stress and 82% say their workload is unmanageable

The Guardian recently published a survey highlighting a serious problem. The immense workload and increasing pressure facing educators in the UK is causing a teacher exodus. According to the survey, 82% say their workload is unmanageable and 43% of state teachers in England say they plan to leave the profession entirely. 

They, like their colleagues in the U.S., have been struggling with keeping up with the tons of Assessment For Learning and general grading that they are must do in order to provide their students with relevant upkeep. As noted by the Confident Teacher

“….in many schools OFSTED fear has fuelled a misguided obsession with marking, resulting in draconian whole-school marking policies that are less about learning and more about monitoring teachers.”

Educators are responsible for so much more than marking. They have to be researchers and collaborators. They must create interactive learning techniques, prepare curriculum plans, and come up with creative and engaging ways to present material. Whilst at the same time, they must mark homework and assessments quickly. Quick turnaround of student work is critical for relevant feedback and informed instruction.

So, what can be done? How can this problem be solved?

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Free Tech Tools like Quick Key can significantly reduce teacher workload

Quick Key turns any phone or tablet into a speedy marking tool to grade bubble sheets. However, it’s not limited to multiple choice.  Teachers can quickly mark open response and essay questions, or deliver quizzes on any device in 1 to 1 classrooms. 

Quick Key is capable of scoring 100 assessments in 5 minutes. The iOS & Android grading app gives educators more time for improving their instructional practice, engaging students and helping them take ownership of their learning. It’s not just about saving time! Since marking is instant, students can receive immediate and meaningful feedback on those areas which are particularly troublesome for them. 

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ABOUT QUICK KEY: Districts subscribe to Quick Key to replace outdated Scantron machines, implement sustained formative assessment, and support the transition from paper to one to one. 

QUICK KEY saves teachers time and helps them give better student feedback. It allows them to grade formative and summative assessments or surveys with any mobile device. Furthermore, they can then send the scores directly to their electronic Grade Book, with the touch of a button.