71% Improvement on State Summatives*

That’s the kind of result our users get in just one semester when Quick Key makes formative assessment easy, fast, and effective. But you don’t need a whole semester: our partners report measurable impact is immediate.

quick key pilot

The Quick Key Pilot:

We take care of everything. You get actionable data.

That’s real-time data you can act on immediately to improve student outcomes in the upcoming state exams

We Import Your Assessments

Choose which common formative assessments you want to pilot with Quick Key.

We will import them into Quick Key from MS Word, GoogleDocs, PDF, or QTI Format, and store the assessments and the Items in your own private repository.

We Set up Everything

Choose who you want to participate in the Pilot and we will train them and set up their accounts.

We will also assign a dedicated success manager to be your any-time contact during the Pilot.

We Give You your Results!

We guide you and your team through giving your Pilot Assessments.

Then we deliver rich itemized reports to your teachers and students, as well as a roll-up report for your leadership.

Hear from Your Peers: The Quick Key Pilot Experience

“I decided to pilot Quick Key for my instructional plan Numbers Matter at the suggestion of one of my English teachers. Walter and Isaac were amazing, and got us exactly what we needed, painlessly. The pilot lasted just under 1 month. Now we use Quick Key at my school. After a little more than a year, things just keep getting better, and my superintendent is thrilled.”

Barbara Burke
Assistant Principal
Carver High School

“QuickKey improved our ability to collect and analyze data across multiple teams from the get-go. The staff have been supportive and responsive every step of the way. Now that the pilot period is over, we are working with them to design a collection system specific to our organization.”

Julie (Forsberg) Jackson-Forsberg
Vice President of Learning at Defy Ventures

“Our pilot with Quick Key was completed quickly and easily in the Spring semester of 2017. During the Pilot, Quick Key digitized five of our mid-term benchmark tests for 7th and 8th grade, and then we ran those benchmarks. Quick Key set up everything and trained the teachers. We were so impressed by Shawn’s hands-on attention that we ended up purchasing Quick Key for the 2017-18 school year.”

Sandra Miller
Assistant Superintendent
Cassia School District #151


A Quick Key Pilot can be Completed in as Little as Two Weeks

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