The alternatives to Scantron keep getting better. Now may be the time for a mobile quiz app. 

What is a mobile quiz app? It’s an app for your Android or Apple device that lets you make quizzes and tests and scan paper bubble sheets using the mobile camera.

Here are the top 5 reasons now may be the time to replace your Scantron with a mobile quiz app like Quick Key:

  1. There’s an app for that. Mobile quiz apps have matured in the last few years, at the same time that mobile devices have become more powerful, with better cameras. Just like everything else mobile, these Scantron replacements are just more convenient (and less expensive) than using a Scantron.
  2. Easier to build assessments. Mobile quiz apps let you build a quiz right on your phone, or scan a “master answer key.” Others go further, allowing open response questions, and even companion digital quiz apps for student Chromebook.
  3. Faster turnaround time. With a Scantron you’re either walking the hallway, standing in a line, or waiting for somebody to scan bubble sheets for you. Mobile scanner apps let you scan right in the classroom, or even at students’ desks, for instant feedback you can’t get with a scanning machine. 
  4. Lower cost. Stop paying for the machine and maintenance. Stop purchasing sheets and/or ink.
  5. Saves space! Teachers can finally have their lounge or conference room back.

If you are thinking of replacing your Scantron you’re not alone! 

Many teachers, schools, and school districts have replaced their Scantron machines with an alternative digital grading tool.

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