Press release: Wakefield, MA, July 17, 2019

G7 Research, the makers of the digital learning system JogNog, has been selected by Validated Learning to participate in the Question Xchange. JogNog contributes more than 80,000 high-quality, teacher-created review questions that can be used by k-12 teachers for quizzes and in-class learning games. As part of the Xchange community, a teacher can access a large and growing collection of assessment items.

Education science has shown that it is critically important to not only review instructional material but also for students to be able to practice it through recall. Recall differs from just re-reading or reviewing previously presented material. Recall practice challenges students in ‘productive struggle’ to deeply learn key concepts. JogNog provides recall practice within a fun and engaging platform

Research has also shown that when teachers are able to use fast and reliable data on what students have learned, they are better able to help students master the lesson, resulting in higher student achievement and narrower gaps between students. But many teachers don’t use these data because they do not have the time to create high-quality, frequent assessments. Xchange solves this problem by making it easy for teachers and instructional leaders to build high-quality assessments from questions that are relevant to the lessons and standards they teach.

Xchange is a teachers-only community where teachers can share questions with each other, find questions from trusted vendors like JogNog, and build their own question collections. Any teacher can join the Xchange Community for free. Xchange calculates statistics for questions, validating them for subject and standards alignment, and uses machine learning to help teachers find the best questions for their assessments.

JogNog provides its library of 1,900 pre-built high-quality review quizzes and over 80,000 test questions to the Xchange community. Users of Validated Learning’s Question Xchange can now get the power of JogNog to help students learn and remember and raise state tests scores.

Stephen Smith, CEO of G7 Research noted: “Teachers are always looking for relevant and quality assessment items. The Question Xchange will provide that to them in a way that has not been done before.”

Isaac Van Wesep, CEO of Validated Learning, believes there is great potential in partners with high-quality content like JogNog: “With the participation of trusted content partners like JogNog, teachers will soon have access to over 1 million high-quality questions in Xchange, covering a wide range of subjects.”

About JogNog

JogNog is an easy way for teachers to review the standards and topics that their students need to know for their state assessments. When used regularly, JogNog has been shown to have significant positive impact on state test scores. JogNog is available on the web for Google Classroom and Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams users.  For more information about JogNog, visit

About Xchange

Xchange is a new kind of question bank that makes it easy to build relevant, high-quality quizzes and tests from questions created by teachers and trusted content partners, that can be used in any assessment tool.