We surveyed more than 100 school leaders about their data-driven instructional plans.

While 64% of respondents described their efforts as successful or very successful, all of them faced a number of challenges. We also asked respondents how they measured success, what their greatest challenges were, their top success factors. Their answers may surprise you!

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The data from the survey also raise questions about the perceived importance of various success factors and challenges. For example, the most frequently-cited challenge was “Not enough time in the day for teachers,” which may be solvable with better technology or more training. Or, it could be a perception issue. Are there data champion teachers showing their colleagues how and why to succeed? For the 64% of respondents who reported success, there is enough time in the day for data-driven instruction!

Respondents wrote that consistency and fidelity were key to success and also challenging to manage. What happens when different classrooms progress differently? Strong team work (and support from leadership) can help keep classrooms progressing together.

This survey may provide perspective on your own ongoing or planned data-driven instructional plan. I hope you find it valuable.

List of Survey Questions

  1. What is your role?
  2. How successful is your data-driven instructional plan?
  3. How do you measure success?
  4. Which techniques do you use to differentiate instruction?
  5. What factors make data-driven instruction successful?
  6. What are the biggest blockers to success?
  7. In what areas does data-driven instruction make an impact?