Remake Scantron testing for your organization. Whether a traditional school or district, a training organization or an ACT/SAT test prep service, Quick Key will save you time and money while delivering you better results. Based on feedback from 70 institutions and teachers in 20 countries, we’ve added 100 question answer sheets and enhanced the accuracy and simplicity of our mobile grading application. Support for multiple correct responses, survey scoring, constructed response, improved question itemization analysis, and individual student itemized exports round out the update. 

Isn’t it time we talked about Scantrons?

When the Scantron machine jams in the middle of school-wide testing.

Love it or hate it, the fact is you will have to administer a lot of exams that require bubble sheets. Grading them with an expensive machine and paying for bubble sheets adds up fast because even if you’re only using them a few times a year they’re still a required expense. Quick Key is the leader in transforming and remaking the way assessments are graded and testing data is acted upon. This is because we’ve eliminated hardware costs and the requirement for internet access. How? Because we let you leverage the technology already in your pockets. We make data-driven instruction accessible to everyone, everywhere with a mobile device.

“After many years of using an unreliable Scantron machine, we are ecstatic to have implemented Quick Key’s mobile grading app as our solution! Walter and his team have been superb to work with and found creative solutions for our unique needs. I would recommend Quick Key to any virtual academy, or traditional school district in a heartbeat!”  Julie Ingwersen Database & Office Operations Coordinator, Idaho Virtual Academy

We’ve meticulously focused on simplicity, allowing even the most technology phobic teachers and administrators to get the full benefit of their testing data as quickly effortlessly as possible. If you can use a smartphone, and download a spreadsheet, you can use Quick Key. Although you can confidently replace your scantron machine, you can also grade unit exams quizzes or daily exit tickets, getting the data you need when you need it.  There has never been a better time to remake Scantron testing for your organization.

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Remake Scantron testing for ACT and SAT prep

You won’t see the majority of the updates to Quick Key because they affect the internal functioning of our mobile application and cloud platform. Your teachers and exam proctors will notice that scanning is much faster, and options for correcting student errors on bubble sheets are streamlined. Combine this with a 100 question bubble sheet, and administrators responsible for helping improve student ACT and SAT scores will be delighted!

Our update includes:

  • 100 question bubble sheet option, making prep for SAT of ACT section seamless.
  • Bubble sheets with ABCDE and FGHJK answer choice options that mimic the assessments your students will take.
  • 1 button error correction allows you to correct any student bubble sheet instantly.
  • Bubble sheet auto detection, just point Quick Key at the bubble sheet and we do the rest.
  • Individual student score reporting. Run an individualized report for your students help them to identify errors, and own improvements.

Multiple correct responses, and constructed response question types

To prepare students, they must have practice with the types of questions they will see on their exams. We have added the ability to select multiple correct answer responses with partial, full and extra credit. Additionally, you can use a rubric to score constructed response-essay questions. Quick Key is the only solution that makes your institutions grading mobile and secure.

Updated question types include:

  • Multiple correct responses to a question
  • Point weighting, partial credit, and extra credit
  • Rubric grading for constructed response questions
  • Gridded-response math questions and exact match (Dec 1)

Quick Key Mobile remakes Scantron testing

Create a question with multiple correct responses.

remake Scantron testing with the Quick Key mobile replacement

Use rubrics for open response questions