October 2019

Top 5 reasons now is the time to replace your Scantron machine

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The alternatives to Scantron keep getting better. Now may be the time for a mobile quiz app.  What is a mobile quiz app? It's an app for your Android or Apple device that lets you make quizzes and tests and scan paper bubble sheets using the mobile camera. Here are the top 5 reasons now may [...]

Teacher-to-Teacher Quiz Sharing in Quick Key School Accounts

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How to share a quiz with one of your teacher teams If you are part of a Quick Key SITE Account, you can share quizzes you have made with other teachers in your organization. In order to do this, you need to have Teams set up in your school account. You can talk to your [...]

How (and why) to tag your questions in Quick Key

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Why you should add tags to your question items in Quick Key Typing new questions, or copy-pasting them from another system, is time consuming. Adding tags adds even more time to the process. So why do it? Tracking student progress toward standards: When you tag your questions with a Standards Tag, this tag will appear [...]

September 2019

Ready-made Student Voice Survey on Xchange Community

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Build a student voice survey using teacher-contributed questions in the Xchange Community Classroom culture and student social & emotional learning are key components to classroom management, student engagement, achievement, and your sanity as a teacher! But do you know how your students feel about themselves, their education, and your classroom? You can find out, quickly [...]

The new Question Xchange Community is Live!

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The new Question Xchange Community is now live! I am proud to announce that the new Question Xchange Community is now live on Quick Key :) The Question Xchange Community is a free and open platform where teachers can: share quiz and test questions with each other tag questions with standard, subject, level, and keyword, [...]

August 2019

Summer Learning Loss and How To Get In Front of It

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What is summer learning loss? Summer learning loss is the process by which students regress academically during the summer months. According to research by the Brookings Institution, students can lose as much as 30% of a school year’s academic attainment over the course of July and August, due to the lack of focused academic practice and structured [...]

Easy rostering with Google Classroom and Quick Key

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It is easy to set up your Quick Key roster using your Google Classroom. The entire process takes all of two minutes. We have added step-by-step instructions with screenshots in our Help Center. They're also right here :) Importing your Roster from Google Classroom: From your Quick Key Online Dashboard, click "students" in the left side [...]

July 2019

Validated Learning selects JogNog to join Question Xchange

By |2019-07-29T16:35:25+00:00July 29th, 2019|

Press release: Wakefield, MA, July 17, 2019 G7 Research, the makers of the digital learning system JogNog, has been selected by Validated Learning to participate in the Question Xchange. JogNog contributes more than 80,000 high-quality, teacher-created review questions that can be used by k-12 teachers for quizzes and in-class learning games. As part of the [...]

May 2019

Interview with Marlon Davis, Ed.M.

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In this interview, proven school turnaround leader Marlon Davis, Ed.M. talks about why he got into education, how he became a school leader, and how he leveraged family engagement and student assessment data to turn around two schools before becoming a leadership coach helping other principals and teachers do the same in their schools. Isaac [...]